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    Villa Bel Air

    Was invited by the painter/curator Karen Thomas and the new owner of the Villa Bel Air, Mourad Ait Aoudia and his sister Nouara, to exhibit in this vast empty house prior to its refurbishment. Mourad and Nouara generously gave us carte blanche to install the works in various rooms and take advantage of a novel venue. Unusual display of generosity.

    Always leap at opportunities to exhibit in locations that fall outside the normal gallery circuit where the work comes to life in an environment not predestined for art such as a bespoke gallery. Its’ also more of fun and intriguing ride for the viewers to visit spaces hidden from the public eye and find the exhibits in unorthodox surroundings.

    I exhibited my installation LoopDivers (short film of installation) in a small room and a series of porcelain paintings in a shared room along with other artists including, Collection Anagraphis & Louis Angles, Pierre Bendine-Boucar, Fabien Boitard, Olivier Camen, Collection Pop Galerie, James S.Taylor and Karen Thomas

    I designed the poster and all visual communications.