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    Having scoured the flea market in Carnon for old photographs, I finally amassed a significant collection of  snaps of various ages (some dating back to the early 1900s) and from various histories. After selecting over 35 for source material I then interpreted them into a series of paintings on porcelain which I call phossils. They became part of an installation called Loopdivers whereupon they were submerged underwater in large black buckets in a low lit room. I wanted the audience to be able to peer into these dark pools and view the images but I also wanted their view obscured from time to time and created a system with leaking buckets suspended high above. This allowed water to randomly drip down, momentarily disturbing the surface of the water, thereby briefly obscuring our view of the submerged porcelains. The installation included a hauntingly beautiful soundscape composed by Carmen B and James S.Taylor, which hinted at both the rhythm of the dripping water and the delicate nature of memory itself.