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    Q Polaroid Slip // WIP

    I’ve been using porcelain slip like paint on plywood for nearly two years now. I was working on a large panel called Tide Will Tell and lost my way with it. Out of sheer frustration, I covered up the entire painting with porcelain slip to hide it. Watching the porcelain slip slowly dry and become a stunning bone white surface secured its place in my arsenal of tools. Nightmare to use in many ways and probably a headache to store but I love its resemblance to bone and respect it for its natural roots and beauty. I also know that porcelain has been used in manufacturing photographic paper. Given my interest in investigating ‘memory’ it therefore becomes a handy ally for numerous reasons.
    I am now in the process of both pushing the painting forward but also experimenting with materials that could work with the porcelain…which oil will make it translucent to reveal hidden layers? Olive oil, Linseed oil? etc and which varnish might seal and protect the dried porcelain?
    This is definitely a work in progress both content and build wise.

    Image 01 – experimenting with oils, varnishes, inks, turps, graphite on ply

    Image 02 – detail of Q Polaroïds (14 polaroids alternately taken by my son, Jules and I, during our 14 day Covid quarantine in a flat in Stirling, Scotland, 27/08/20 – 09/09/20) still life in studio

    Image 03 – 0’7 Q Polaroïds Slip’ WIP 153cm x 153cm porcelain slip on plywood panel