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    KC3 Coronation Speed Sketches

    As with the QE2 Funeral Speed Sketches, I decided to do another series in front live TV for King Charles III’s coronation. (More Info in link above) The event differed in that it was celebrating an ascension not a passing of a monarch. So it was less sombre, less nostalgic and more about flexing the pride muscles in patriotic hearts and thus proved to be even more baroque, ostentatious and bombastic. A show of wealth, tradition and power choreographed into an absurd spectacle that couldn’t be more out of context in the world we live in today. So these sketches again, for me, filter all this down into a few gestural marks, bright colours and lines.

    Images 01 – 20
    ‘Speed sketch by a mere mortal in front of LIVE TV 07/05/23’ 5cm x 5cm crayon on paper