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    Othello Poster

    Really enjoyed designing this poster for Cie Bruitquicourt’s new play, ‘Othello et le Monstre aux Verts’, written by its director, my friend Luc Miglietta. Luc is a great stage actor and director, who is respected across France for his unique approach, sense of comedy and his perfect and intricate timing. There are few who can strut around the stage like him. He is simply dramatically hilarious.
    His inspired ‘Othello’ pays homage to Shakespeare for sure, focusing on the principal themes such as love, friendship, jealousy and power, yet Luc’s version offers a truly fresh vision with a burlesque style, plenty of comedy, rage and rock and roll (there’s a live guitarist, Florian Brinker, strumming away on stage). I saw the first rehearsal, loved it and was delighted when Luc asked me to do the poster.
    I’ve been a graphic designer for nearly 30 years and still start all projects with sketches and materials – real things not pixels – in this case shattered porcelain and charcoal, which was used for the background.
    I was pleased with result and it seemed to go down well with all so I decided to follow the troupe to the Avignon Festival ’22 and spent two days taking photographs of them all and the poster in various situs. Rarely are design jobs as satisfying as this.

    In photographs: Luc Miglietta, Jean-Yann Verton, Estelle Sabatier, Jeremi Proietti, Florian Brinker and Muriel Palacio

    Image 1 – Final poster
    Image 2 – Luc Miglietta as Iago
    Image 3 – Smashed porcelian in studio
    Image 4 – Smashed porcelian in studio
    Image 5 – Smashed porcelian in studio
    Image 6 – Creating the vectoral version
    Image 7 – Group shot in Avignon
    Image 8 – Group shot in Avignon
    Image 9 – Jeremi strolling the streets of Avignon to advertise Othello
    Image 10 – Jean-Yann (Othello) caught out fridge diving
    Image 11 – Estelle (Desdemona) in the ‘loge’ making up
    Image 12 – Florian (Rinôçérôse) in his own world preparing on stage
    Image 13 – Group hug before the curtains go up
    Image 14 – Final bow in the Theatre Notre Dame, Avignon