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    Carmen’s Time / exhibition agnès b

    Time was at the heart of my exhibition “Carmen’s Time” shown at agnes b’s in Montpellier between april 8th – 14th may 2022. The show was initially programmed for april 2020 but was cancelled last minute due to Covid measures. Despite being a blow at the time, the delay became a positive momentum and allowed me to produce new fresh work to accompany the installation Carmen’s Time.
    As with pretty all my solo shows, I invited James S.Taylor to create a sound installation to accompany the central installation based on recordings provided by Carmen. You can hear extracts of James’s piece in the short film made about the show by Vincent Jelinek below

    Huge thanks to the team Alexandra, My-Linh & Laurent et agnes b’s in Montpellier, to agnes b herself, James. S. Taylor, Magali, KØEMNER aka Jules Bonallack, and of course Carmen herself x

    • Image 1 – Main poster based on my photo of a restaurant ceiling in Portugal
    • Image 2 – Our Codex 8×8 – A wall of 64 polaroid format porcelain fired paintings merging both real and invented memories
    • Image 3 – Detail of exhibition
    • Image 4 – Our Codex and me on PV night
    • Image 5 – Main room with Carmen’s Time bath installation in centre
    • Image 6 – Carmen’s Time bath installation
    • Image 7 – Carmen’s Time bath installation
    • Image 8 – Carmen’s Time bath installation, Patinsedlejovice flanked by two Limboid paintings
    • Image 9 – Carmen’s bath installation with Cluster paintings in background
    • Image 10 – Sofa with James’s sound system beneath and wall of various framed prints and porcelains
    • Image 10 – Limboid XVIII – porcelain, wool and perspex case
    • Image 11 – KØEMNER aka Jules bonallack playing great 3hr live set in agnès b store during exhibition
    • Image 12 – Private view night outside store
    • Image 13 – Clipping from La Gazette
    • Image 14 – Carmen’s porcelain traces lying in pool of water during dismantling of show.