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    Limboids / paper

    Limboid, a play on the words ‘Limbo’ and ‘Polaroid’, is an ongoing series part inspired by the polaroid camera. The magical and technical genius behind this machine which, with a click and a mechanical whir, delivers a unque glossy record of a recent moment into the light, has kept me spellbound for years.
    I imagine, like our own births, there is an in between moment, maybe a limbo state, where creation hasn’t quite finished its task. Here I imagine half formed photographs being revealed by an organic kind of polaroid.
    This particular series on paper are studies of my Limboids in porcelain.

    Limboid 17/08/21 13:4232cm x 50cm – acrylic, graphite on 300gsm paper
    Limboid16cm x 30cm – acrylic, graphite on 300gsm paper