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    Artist in Residence / Lycée Jules Guesde, Montpellier

    In November 2021 I was invited to do a residence at Lycée Jules Guesde in Montpellier. I was, at the time, in mid flow and up against a deadline for a sizeable commission ‘Album La Paillade’ for the Centre îles aux Familles, in La Paillade. This brief residence, enabled me to lay all the work out on the floor of a classroom and complete it, whilst showing students and their teachers the work in progress. I also exhibited a few pieces from the past to give the students an overview of my practice. As always a great experience meeting and discussing ‘time’and ‘memory’ and how we navigate with and around these concepts today with roughly 500 or so bright and lively students. Thanks Rebecca!

    Image 1 & 2 – Album La Paillade, work in progress on biscuit porcelain
    Image 3 – Trois Surfaces on desks – triptych 3oocm x 100cm – acrylic and felt on medium panels
    Image 4 – (right) Footage has emerged of Guernica (2013) – 190cm x 129cm, felt, acrylic, graphite, indian ink and marble sand on wooden panel (left) Footage Has Emerged III – 190cm x 110cm – graphite screed on varnished plywood