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    Album La Paillade

    In June 2021, I was invited by the Centre Social Caf “L’Ile aux familles” in La Paillade, Mosson, Montpellier, to do a residence during the International Day of Living Together in Peace week, an initiative created by the UN.
    The residence involved meeting and talking with with local inhabitants and inviting them to share with me their personal photographs that I would then interpret onto porcelain to create ‘Album La Paillade’. The final commission involved 107 fired porcelain paintings (Phossils) that were presented in a random fashion on the external wall next to the entrance of the social centre where it is on permanent display :
    Art can have multifarious functions, in this case, possibly a tool for the local community to help weave more intimate relations amongst themselves but also as a tool to project an often unseen intimate collective self image to the outside world.
    Many thanks to the dynamic and kind team who run the centre, in particular, Fanny Martin who invited me into the fray intitially.

    All pieces mounted within frame on wall were individually handpainted with oxides directly onto biscuit porcelain, then fired at 1240cº