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    Memories en Partage / Overview

    In late 2019 I was invited to do a five week artist in residence called ‘Memories en Partage’ at the Lycee Georges Pompidou in Castelnau near Montpellier. With ‘memory’, the central theme, I started the programme with a solo show of my work produced over the prior 13 yrs. Never before have I been so cross-examined about my work, some of which I hadn’t seen for years. Terrifying initially but ultimately a great lesson and extremely rewarding. An artist should never underestimate the power of audience interpetation, no matter how well they think they know their work. Over the five weeks, approximately 1500 peope were implicated in guided visits of exhibited works, workshops or the actual production of the final show ‘Living Room’.
    With many thanks to Lycée Georges Pompidou, DRAC, Agora Theatre Le Cres, Academie Montpellier and La Region Occitanie for the funding

    For more in depth information on the residence in  french or english