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    Memories en Partage / Giant Polaroid

    The creation of a giant polaroid was conceived as a mini project within the residence at Lycée Georges Pompidou itself. The maintenance staff kindly helped me create a giant wooden structure respecting the square polaroid format which I then placed in the centre of the school campus. I screeded the polaroid with a graphite wash and invited anyone passing to make marks on it with wet sponges provided. The idea was to demonstrate how collectively we could develop (literally) an image. We asked for abstract gestures but of course initially had plenty of tags, phrases and of course erotic symbols which pissed off some in authority but generally seemed to entertain a wide audience and certainly animated the main thoroughfare of the school.

    With many thanks to Lycée Georges Pompidou, DRAC, Agora Theatre Le Cres, Academie Montpellier and La Region Occitanie for the funding

    For more in depth information on the residence in  french or english