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    Limboids / Protostars

    Ongoing series part inspired by the one and only polaroid camera. The magical and technical genius behind this machine which with a click and a mechanical whir, delivers a glossy record of a recent moment into the light, has kept me spellbound since its release in 1948 by Edwin H. Land.

    I imagine, like the birth of anything – in this case a photograph of a protostar – there is an in-between moment, a limbo state.

    All work here hand-painted with oxides onto porcelain, fired twice up to 1280cºDetails of works shown below respectively :

    Limboid ph479 XVIIII – approx 20cm x 34cm
    Limboid ph476 XV – approx 19cm x 34cm
    Limboid ph480 XIX – approx 15cm x 29cm
    Limboid ph481 XX – approx 14.5cm x 30cm
    Limboid ph453 XII – approx 18.5cm x 34.5cm
    Limboid ph454 XIII – approx 19cm x 32.5cm
    Limboid ph477 XVI – approx 20cm x 30cm
    Limboid 455_XIV – approx 15cm x 18cm
    Limboid 478 XVII – approx 18cm x 32cm
    Limboid 452_XI – approx 18cm x 31cm