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    Grok Exhibition / Chateau D’Aubais

    Grok – International group show at Châteaux d’Aubais curated by Rika Deryckere, France.
    Fantastic venue with some fine folk. Sadly within hours of opening it was closed due to first Covid lockdown. I exhitbited my installation Ghostwalkers and a work in progress series called Tide Will Tell, both of which dwell on the plight of immigration in the modern world.
    With Bob Crayne, Terry Crayne, Carol Daw, Heike Negenborn, Janice Rahn & Morag Rahn-Campell, Delle MC, Valerie Katz, Kate Serzane, Thina Antoniadou, Arianne Arlotti, Denis Kitchen, Adec, Ethel Hultburg, Sophie Crumb, Peter Poplaski, Rika Deryckere.

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