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    Golem Exploration

    Inspired by stories of daguerreotypes being found in various locations round the globe. The most recent being the discovery of the infamous shipwreck of the steamer SS Central America. Amongst gold ingots and artefacts they discovered intact daguerreotypes with the preserved images of passengers who died in 1857.
    More info on story:

    All handpainted with oxides directly onto biscuit porcelain, then fired at 1240cº

    Phossil 430 – insert in hardwood block – 14cm x 14cm x 23cm
    Golem Exploration Stack
    Phossil 433 – Men digging? – 14cm x 17cm // private collection
    Phossil 429 – couple on slopes? – 7.5cm x 10.5cm
    Phossil 432 – couple on slopes? – 8.5cm x 12cm
    Phossil 468 – couple on slopes? – 10cm x 18cm