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    Found Polaroids

    Like many others, I have been fascinated and bewitched by the polaroid format for a long time. Putting the magic act of its sudden appearance with a mechanical whir into the light or the resulting quality of the image aside, the actual polaroid as an object itself, is beautiful and verges on the sculptural. It is also UNIQUE. No rolls of film to revert to for further copies…it’s a one off receipt of a moment just passed.

    When researching the format and looking for archives online, I used the keywords ‘found polaroids’ and immediately stumbled across Kyler Zeleny’s amazing site filled with a treasure trove of old polaroids. Here’s his site which is worth visiting: http://kylerzeleny.com/found-polaroids/

    I’ve since created interpretations of many polaroids onto porcelain, laminated panels and paper.