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    Susak Sentinels Trip

    Kaz Raad and I left Montpellier at 6am on 02/05/18, drove and sailed to Susak and back via, Trieste, Mali Losinj, Rijeka, Zagreb, Ljubljana, a B&B lost in the middle of a Piedmontese fruit farm near Saluzzo and then home. Just under 3000km. 

    Getting to Susak is no mean feat from wherever you are in the world. This is part of the appeal and the reason why Daniel devlin started Susak Expo (biennale) on this island in 2006. He hoped artists would take on the challenge but he knew that the art world itself would not…this is why Susak Expo is such a success. It is a haven for those who want to share, participate, create, observe and no matter what your religion – produce.

    A few photos of the trip delivering the Susak Sentinels to Susak Expo and of the practitioners themselves in 2018.