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    Susak Sentinels (the phossils)

    Susak Sentinels is a series of twelve hand painted images on fired porcelain. Each painting is an interpretation of a photograph (that depicts fire in some way) contributed by artists participating in SUSAK EXPO 2018. These porcelain paintings, resembling fossilized photographs (phossils), were dropped into the sea at various dedicated GPS locations in a ring around the Croatian island of Susak; 12 individual records of moments with fire – out of sight in the depths, inextinguishable and forever part of the myth ‘Mrak‘.
    Many thanks to the following artists/collectives participating in Susak Expo 2018 who contributed a photograph: Qwerty, Daniel Devlin, Romina Dusic, 
    Dominik Grdić, Charles Williams, Luka Duplančić, Kaz Raad, Tomislav Brajnović, Doug Lewis, Margareta Vidmar & Esox Lucius Ido, Carousel.

    More info on this project or Susak Expo here:

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