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    Golems I

    This series does not rely on source material photos but focuses on inventing photographs, suggesting moments that may have been…near truths or maybe fake news? Under or over exposed photographs back from the lab with irritating stickers from the lab technician, that faintly hint at a moment now gone? I call them Golems…images of moments born from clay. Naturally there’s a reference to the jewish myth, but rather than giving birth to a menacing automaton, giving birth to an image.
    I invited the public to give each Golem a title, each particpant was required to give:
    A) DATE (at least the year) B) LOCATION (locality or country or both) C) FEW WORDS (a short phrase…eg.”Beth on pier”…the kind of note one might write on the reverse of a snapshot)
    The three winners were each sent the original Golem by post.