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    Dunkirk Phossils

    Recently contributed to The Dunkirk Project initiated by the British artist Liz Mathews. The project began in 2012 when Liz created a huge free-standing accordian like book called Thames to Dunkirk for The British Library’s exhibition ‘Writing Britain’ in 2012. Liz used extracts from my late grandfather Basil Bonallack’s poem ‘The Retreat’ based on his experiences at Dunkirk and texts from Virginia Woolf’s diaries. For the 75th commemoration of the Dunkirk evacuation, Liz expanded the project with an online project, incorporating witness accounts, artworks etc. To this, Liz asked me to contribute a series of porcelains (phossils) interpreted from three personal snapshots from the family albums and three from the Imperial War Museum’s archives. To see the work in full context you can visit these links: https://thedunkirkproject.wordpress.com/…/dunkirk-phossils…/  https://thedunkirkproject.wordpress.com/…/bg-bonallack-vir…/