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Artist’s statement (2016)

Porcelain, Utz concluded, was the antidote to decay. – Bruce Chatwin, Utz (1988)

Porcelain has become an integral medium in my work, enabling me to consider photographs as both images and objects simultaneously. The printed photograph is an instant fossilised into a recorded image that risks disappearing, like memories, altogether — only the digital screen, for now, seems to offer an intangible glowing proof of past, current and future moments.  The porcelain paintings which resemble photographs, have literally metamorphosed into their next state, fossils or phossils as I call them – their fragile photographic paper, embedded with past moments, lost and finally petrified into porcelain.

Slowly but surely, memory decays. Photography, since its birth, was thought to be the true antidote to this decay. With their buckled, twisted forms and suggestive imagery, it is possible that these phossils may offer a more enduring alternative thanks to the antidote – porcelain.
CB 2016