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Rachdingue09_01 – Photo Essay

More photography in the DJ Trips series….Its all in the title…Rachdingue09_01 (click on PDF button if you’re interested in viewing entire essay). Another photo-essay following DJ James S.Taylor to a club in Northern Spain called the Rachdingue. Stunning place thatt used to be a real pull for the jetset crowd of the 60s…including the likes of Mick Jagger. The owner, at the time, was a friend of Salvador Dali who was given carte blanche to decorate the club. It’s all still there but the jetset remain ghosts in various snaps on the walls.

Simple formula ; James plays loud techno till the early hours, I snap away from the minute we leave home to the minute we get back. Edit the lot into a tight little PDF and a visual receipt of the trip is made.